Monday through Sunday Stonefly Studio will now have a Weekly Special.  Hope you bag your Favorite River Map or “Into the Wild” item!

Mammoth Lakes River Map Fly Box – View

Mammoth Lakes River Map Fly Box on Sale This Week, June 26 – July 2, 2017.   Now is the time to load up the fly box and start planning your fly fishing trip to Mammoth Lakes Basin.  With our Mammoth Lakes Rivers Map Fly Box, you keep the flies and the map all in one place!!!  Which stretch of water will you fish first?  According to fishing reports, the lakes are free of ice but the water is still really cold. You’ll probably want to fish along the edges where the water is warmer.  Streamers and Nymphs are probably your best bet right now.  And with all the snow this past winter, the scenery is spectacular!!!

Fishing Mammoth Lakes Basin

River Map Fly Boxes Handcrafted from either Beech, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, or Walnut Wood, Custom Designed, Laser Engraved.  Includes Choice of Fish Artwork on the back plus a name and inscription BECAUSE WE BELIEVE LIFE SHOULD BE PERSONAL!

Stonefly Studio’s River Map Fly Boxes Include River Map Front and Personalized Back.
Personlized Fly Box Back with Buck Steelhead
WEEKLY SPECIAL – MAMMOTH LAKES RIVER MAP FLY BOX sale $69.99 (reg. $89.99) 6/26-7/9, 2017 – Mammoth Lakes Basin is Open!